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Suffolk County Chapter of New York Association for Pupil Transportation


Nature and Purpose of the Suffolk County Chapter Distinguished Member Award

The Suffolk County Chapter of the New York Association for Pupil Transportation (herein referred to as Suffolk Chapter) is a professional organization comprised of individuals engaged in the transportation of children to and fiom schools, BOCES, colleges and universities. The Suffolk Chapter provides school transportation professionals with educational programs, networking opportunities, legislative and regulatory advocacy, technical assistance and other services.

It is important to recognize the achievements of those members who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the school transportation industry and our Association. For this reason we have established the Distinguished Member Award, to acknowledge and recognize the contributions and service to the Suffolk Chapter leaders, partners, members, and associates over the years.

Eligibility for Induction to the Suffolk NYAPT Distinguished Member Award

To be considered eligible for the Distinguished Member Award an individual must:

  • Have been a member of the Suffolk County Chapter of New York Association for Pupil Transportation for a minimum of 5 years;
  • Have been employed in the school transportation industry in Suffolk County and have made significant contributions to the school bus industry and the Association;
  • Have participated in significant local, state and/or national activities to present and reflect the positive attributes of the Suffolk Chapter and school transportation safety;
  • Have diligently served the Suffolk Chapter through service, contributions and committee participation;
  • Have attained or achieved an accomplishment considered as being worthy of recognition.

Distinguished Nomination Information

Process for Nomination and Selection

  • No later than the scheduled October meeting date of each year, nominations shall be submitted by Suffolk Chapter active members to the Selection Committee as designated by the Chapter’s President;
  • Such nominations shall be submitted confidentially in a manner prescribed by the Committee;
  • Individuals may nominate only one (l) individual per year;
  • Not more than two recipients will be selected in any given year, unless a waiver of this provision is adopted by the Suffolk Chapter’s Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the Selection Committee;
  • The Selection Committee will consider only those nominations submitted in a given year and will not automatically go back to consider entries from prior years;
  • Every effort will be made to keep confidential the identity of all nominees and to keep confidential the
    identity of the recipients until presentation;
  • Announcement of the Distinguished Member Award recipient(s) will be made at the Suffolk Chapter’s Christmas meeting.

Annual Nominating Process and Provisions for Selection

  • The annual nominating process commences with this announcement at the scheduled June meeting.
  • The announcement will be included in the monthly meeting notice and placed on the Suffolk Chapter’s web site.
  • Nominations should be submitted in a sealed envelope and shall be in the form of a letter from the nominator identifying and describing the person nominated. This shall include the reasons why said individual should be considered as a recipient, such as: endorsements fiom other individuals or organizations, school personnel, administrators, parents, state agency officials and other information appropriate to validating and supporting the nomination shall be included.
  • These materials should be submitted to the President of the Suffolk Chapter.
  • All Nominations must be clearly marked on the outside of the envelope:
    “Confidential: Distinguished Member Nomination”
    “Submitted by………. . . (your name)”

Selection Committee

  • Selection Committee shall be comprised of four volunteer members and the Chapter Vice President